Downy white fleece over my calf, my hair long and summer-loose;
bleached by the sun over new freckles and a white Wal-mart halter top.
My mouth tastes like nilla wafers and I rub in glittered lip gloss
with a cotton candy lacquered finger.
I am my own dream, and I won't last long.

Down"y (?), a.


Covered with down, or with pubescence or soft hairs.

"A downy feather."


Plants that . . . have downy or velvet rind upon their leaves. Bacon.


Made of, or resembling, down. Hence, figuratively: Soft; placid; soothing; quiet.

"A downy shower." Keble. "Downy pillow."


Time steals on with downy feet. Young.


Cunning; wary.

[Slang, Eng.]



© Webster 1913.

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