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From our collection of things that go bump in the night, tonight we present:

The Fachan, violent halved creature from the Scottish Highlands. It is also called Peg-Leg Jack, for reasons which will soon be given. The most noticeable characteristic about this rather vicious fairy is its singularity - of each body part it only has one. Its one eye and one ear on its one head, and its one-fingered one hand, are all balanced on its one leg with one toe.

The Fachan is black of colour and covered in fur, except for a blue mane of feathers which it ruffles before attacking. It carries a large spiked club in order to strike down trespassers (or passers-by) with furious vengeance, but doesn't find much use for it, as anyone encountering it is likely to die from fright as soon as they spot it. The Fachan does not have the ability to fly, it can only jump ahout, which may be why it is so grumpy. It can normally be found (or preferrably, avoided) in the highest mountains of the Highland, but a friendlier form is said to protect certain whisky distilleries.

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