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A fabulous event, meshing two things which were naturally meant to be combined. Drag queens and bingo!

I'm not sure if this is an international occurance, but I know there's drag bingo in at least Toronto and Vancouver. It's fairly self explanitory - it's bingo hosted by drag queens. It's usually fairly "light" bingo (for "heavy" bingo, go to a bingo parlor). Usually there's really raunchy prizes, there's lots of drinking done by all (especially the drag queens) and all of the money raised goes to charity. It's tons of fun and lets you play bingo without feeling or looking like an old biddie. Plus it's for a good cause and is fun to take more conservative people to, because usually everybody has a good time.

The first time I went, my roommate won a leopard print thong and tickets to the Heineken tent at a golf tournament. Now that's priceless.

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