A dimensionless number used in momentum transfer in general and free settling velocities and resistance to flow calculations in particular. Proportional to (Gravitational force) / (Inertial force).

CD = (g (rho-rhof) L) / (rho V2)

g: gravitational acceleration, L: characteristic dimension of object, rho: density of object, rhof: density of surrounding fluid, V: velocity

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An term used (unofficially, of course) by corporate human resources departments for the number of outside responsibilities/interests an employee has. The lower the number, the more desirable of an employee you are.

Married? That's a point. Have kids? Another point. A sick parent? Another point. And so on. Anything that might distract you from work is a point. The more points, the higher your drag coefficient, and the less desirable you are to employers.

Yet another reason why there are so few 40-year olds in IT.


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