Something so mind-boggling, so thrilling, that it might alter the course of the entire world! (or a person's entire way of thinking)

It may also be used in the phrase below:

"Stop being so dramatic! There is no use in bawling like a baby just because you dropped your spoon into the toilet again! Oh, and stop doing that already!"

See also: Feature Request for Universe 2.0, which contains some good examples of things that are, or have the potental to be "dramatic".

Dra*mat"ic (?), Dra*mat"ic*al (?), a. [Gr. , fr. : cf. F. dramatique.]

Of or pertaining to the drama; appropriate to, or having the qualities of, a drama; theatrical; vivid.

The emperor . . . performed his part with much dramatic effect. Motley.


© Webster 1913.

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