i long to know no one and know nothing -   

to hold                            ever so safely,


the little luxuries of anonymity:

unreachability - untraceability - utterly

seamless & indistinguishable & at one with all   .


internally, i have always been a stranger to myself                         & i clutch this [ known ] close to my chest - 

          because if i don't have        this      ,     then what do i have?                  what have i lost?                  & who then, am i?


                                                                  -  endless solitude
                            everlasting space  -                                                   seconds  &  silence  -


i want it all -

                   i think.


                                  ( and i can hear you from here, yelling come back     -      my name     -    stranger danger


 and i'm trying to -

                 but it's hard to get to know someone, when all you know

                                                                                 is that they will never leave you alone. )

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