work on their own schedule


soft prayers

            do not consult the advice of others 


private diaries   

            are not based on someone else's idea of logic



           work on their own time


           desire no audience

           are planned privately;   

           celebrated passionately 







dreams call from the depths
call us to pay attention
mermaids singing and flights in air
angels falling monsters attacking
somewhere someone is crying

my daughter dreams that she's running a daycare
with me and her brother
six year old girls
boys are dropped off
they are all eleven
her brother and I
can't tell the difference
and act as if they are all six

walking my daughter wants us
to hold the girls' hands
we want to know why not the boys
"They are eleven!" she says

but we don't understand

she wakes and says
that we are terrible
at working in a daycare

I feel judged and say
all the people
are aspects of yourself

your brother and me
and you too

she says and the six year olds
the eleven year olds

what does it mean?



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