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Drift racing is a motorsport in which drivers utilize the steering technique of drifting while driving drift cars in stylized races where they are judged on various aspects of their driving. Both the driving technique of drifting and the sport of drift racing began in Japan, where the D1 Grand Prix was the first professional drift racing series, but the sport has since spread around the world.

In drift racing, drivers compete in several solo qualifying heats, where they are awarded points based on five categories: line, angle, speed, style and show factor. "Line" refers to how closely drivers are able to follow a certain racing line predetermined by the judges, "angle" refers to the angle of both the car and the car's wheels while executing drifts, "speed" refers to how fast the car is able to complete the heat, "style" accounts for how few mistakes or corrections the driver has to make, and how close they come to the edges of the track without hitting them, and "show factor" accounts for various miscellaneous elements, such as the amount of smoke from the tires during drifts and the reactions of the crowd.

After advancing through several qualifying rounds, the surviving drivers are paired off to take part in the final rounds of tsuisō (追走="chasing race"). In the tsuisō, the drivers take turns ritualistically passing each other, and are awarded points based on factors such as the quality of their passes, how close they stick to the lead car, and how closely their drifts mirror each other. The driver with the most points at the end is the champion.

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