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Driving Rain - Paul McCartney

An album by Sir Paul McCartney released in November of 2001. It features a pretty good set of songs. Its not The Beatles, but it is still quite good. Many of the songs seem to have the theme of returning to love after losing someone, something that Paul has been struggling with since the death of his wife, Linda McCartney, in 1998, of breast cancer (which his mother, Mary, the subject of Let it Be, also died of when he was 14). He has since gotten engaged to Heather Mills, about whom the song Heather was written. Most of the reviews that I have read agree with me that it is a nice collection of songs. There are several piano based ballads, reminiscent of I'll Follow The Sun, and others from his career with The Beatles, but there are also some nice rock songs. It is a fairly balanced album.

Two of the songs were debuted when Sir Paul headlined the Concert for New York City, that aired on VH1. He played Lonely Road, and From a Lover to a Friend during that concert. The proceeds from the single of From a Lover to A Friend are being donated to New York, as are the proceeds from the song Freedom, written after the attacks, also performed at the concert, and included as a hidden bonus track.

Although he could have (he is quite talented), Paul doesn't play all of the instruments on the album. The band he plays with is a group that he picked himself. They are all new musicians, and are all Americans. The lineup is:

The album was produced by David Kahne, who has had quite a bit of experience.

  1. Lonely Road
  2. From A Lover To A Friend
  3. She's Given Up Talking
  4. Driving Rain
  5. I Do
  6. Tiny Bubble
  7. Magic
  8. Your Way
  9. Spinning On An Axis
  10. About You
  11. Heather
  12. Back In The Sunshine Again
  13. Your Loving Flame
  14. Riding Into Jaipur
  15. Rinse The Raindrops
  16. Freedom (not listed)

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