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I am not an expert on psychedelics, but there is a conspicuous absence of practical write-ups on LSD on e2, which I would like to rectify. Here's a short list of rules/guidelines you really SHOULD be following if you have never tripped before.

Drug disclaimer: My own choices are my own, and I do not encourage nor discourage the use of legal or illegal drugs. However, I firmly believe that if you have already made up your mind that this is the right choice for you, you deserve information. I am not going to tell you factsabout LSD itself, but knowledge I have gleaned from my own experiences on how to make it a positive experience. Footprints, is right in many aspects in his writeup The problem with nodes condoning drugs-- one should be making choices very carefully.

(P.S. If there's anything you feel I've missed, feel free to message me about it.)


1. Don't even think about doing acid until you have played with your mind in other ways. Marijuana is a good place to start. If you can't hand the reins over to a chemical, you will not have fun. If you are afraid of your own mind, you will not have fun. Feel prepared and things will be fine.

2. Generally, acid comes in tabs, which are small square pieces of paper. As a newbie, you should take one or two, depending on your body size, how sensitive you are to other drugs, and how confident you feel. Generally, if you are paying more than $10-15 for one tab (also known as a hit), you are getting ripped off. Don't worry about adulterants, since it's cheaper for a crooked dealer to sell you blank paper than it is for him to fiddle with insidious chemicals. Also, you couldn't overdose if you tried. When you get ahold of your tabs, you stick it in your mouth and swish it around (it will taste like plain old paper) and store it under your tongue for 20-30 minutes. Then you swallow to make sure you get every drop of psychedelic goodness. It soaks into your mucous membranes, and should take effect within 45 minutes of first contact and last for 12-18 hours, maybe more, so clear your schedule.

3. Acid is more powerful and awesome and fun and weird than anything else you have encountered. Respect that, and do not treat it like marijuana or alcohol.

4. DO NOT DRIVE. Even if you think you can drive fine when buzzed, acid is light years different and you do NOT want to take this chance.

5. Do not put yourself in any position where you have to deal with authority figures or strangers. This includes parents, bosses, other people's parents, cops, customers, door-to-door salesmen, and large dogs.

6. Ideally, you should have an experienced tripper act as your spotter. He or she can trip along with you, which makes it significantly more fun for both people. If that's not possible, have someone you trust chill out with you and make sure you don't do anything harmful, illegal, or that will ruin your social life for years to come. If for some reason this isn't possible either, arrange to have the house to yourself for a day or two and lock up any harmful objects, just in case. You probably won't freak out and decide to cut off your fingers or drive your parents' car into a tree, but without someone there to check your behavior, things can get out of hand easier and it is best not to take chances.

7. Pick a good place. Any unfamiliar place that makes you feel uncomfortable is a bad place, like work, school, theatrical premieres, the White House. Try not to deal with strangers. Good places: your own home (if you feel totally at ease there and irritating people are far far away), a friend's house, concerts (sometimes; maybe not best for a first trip), or a nice quiet spot in the woods (best).

8. What are you going to want to do while on acid? Well, probably experience your new and heightened senses. Pick out some good music (recommendations: Radiohead, MGMT, Pink Floyd) or movies (for example, Fantasia 2000 or The Wall) or artwork (like fractals). Explore the woods, look at the colors. Anything you want, really; these are, of course, just recommendations.

9. No one can tell you're on acid. Unless someone knows you very well, knows acid well, and is with you for an extended period of time while you are tripping, they will not know the difference. Things seem weird to you, but they are normal to everyone else. Strangers will think you are just naturally a weird person. At worst, people will assume you are stoned. Don't do anything sketchy, don't converse any more than it takes to be polite, and escape an uncomfortable situation as soon as possible. Do not comment on anything out of the ordinary that you see, because it might not exist. I have dealt with my own father, my friend's parents, the CVS late-night pharmacist, and petting-zoo patrons all while on acid and no one has ever called me out on it or pursued any legal action. If, on the other hand, I stripped off my clothes and did handstands in the middle of the highway, people might suspect. But if you're operating generally within social limits, people won't give you a second thought.

10. Don't expect anything or you will probably be disappointed. Don't fight it, see what happens, and you will most likely be amazed. Have fun!


Everyone has heard about bad trips. The chance that you will have a horrific bad trip that will end up in your hospitalization, insanity, or death is ridiculously tiny. The chance that you will have tough, uncomfortable feelings while on acid is much more likely, but also pretty easy to deal with if you know what you're doing.

1. Have an experienced tripper there with you. Voice any concerns you have to him or her and let them steer your thoughts in a positive direction. They probably have  been where you are and know how to avoid digging yourself a pit to fall into. Bonus points if this experienced tripper is a lover or platonic friend that you feel comfortable cuddling with because really, cuddles solve all problems ever. If you don't have a hippie on hand and you start to feel like things are getting out of control, call a friend to chat. You don't even have to tell them you're on acid: just say you are home alone and got kind of freaked out and wanted someone to talk to. They will distract you and cheer you up for sure.

2. Think positively. Don't even start to ponder the death of your dog, your ex-girlfriend, or how much time you waste on the internet. If you find yourself going down this path, find something else to think about, and fast. Get away from whatever is making you uncomfortable. Transport yourself to quiet, idyllic beaches in your head. Use any other relaxation methods you can think of. On acid, you will probably get distracted easily, so if you start sweating and jumping at tiny noises, pop in a favorite Disney movie and space out to your heart's content. The first time I tripped, I had a bad experience in which I felt very paranoid, confused, hopeless, and saw some very strange things. My boyfriend recognized this, and put on some South Park and soon I was laughing uproariously and feeling ecstatic.

3. Take precautions. Surround yourself with cuddly stuffed animals, happy music, and your favorite people. Don't watch scary movies, or sad ones. I have a friend who writes positive little notes to himself like, "Have fun!" and "Isn't life beautiful?" and sometimes ties a string around his finger to remind himself that it will be over by tomorrow. Make comfort foods and surround yourself with comfort smells. Anything you can think of to inspire happy feelings in yourself cannot go to waste.

4. It is the drug. You are not going insane. Most likely, anything abnormal you see or feel is not real and will soon pass. The drug will wear out soon. You are safe. Repeat mantras like this to yourself if things start getting to be too much for you to handle.

5. Don't take more than you can handle (approximately 3 hits) on your first trip. Altered states of consciousness take getting used to, and having your mind blown all at once would probably be uncomfortable. Unlike college chugging contests, no one will think you are a pansy if you play it safe.

6. If something bad really does happen, in real life, do not hesitate to seek help. If you can't get the potato chip bag open, ask your roommate to do it and he or she will probably understand. If something embarrassing happens, it's not the end of the world. On a more serious note, if you or someone else gets injured, do not worry about getting arrested or chastised. Other things are more important. Take the proper actions. If it's necessary to call the ambulance, call them. They will ask about medication, and you need to tell them the truth. It is illegal to have acid in your possession, not to have it inside your body already, and someone providing emergency help needs to know this things, for obvious reasons. Make sure to stay calm and be helpful.

7. Feel confident about your LSD use and your choice of companions, setting, and activities, and you will not have any problems.

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