Update (4/12) - Predictably enough, eFront is now dead.

Although the "rape her and spit on her" comment is widely regarded as the most shocking thing said in the infamous eFront ICQ logs, I disagree. Stripped of inflection such a comment could have come as easily from a hangover as from the mind of someone with true malice.

To me the following excerpt is far more chilling than all the juvenile profanity-laced epithets or goofy half-baked plots (taking over Penny Arcade?!) the eFront bozos and their pet cocksucker could ever come up with. I don't know how this story ended but I can only hope that eFront doesn't hold the titles to any mortgaged orphanages.

bryant     04/03/2001 2:02 am:

Yeah, that's not bad at all. re: RPGamer, I
just got an addendum revision back from his
lawyer. I'll send it to you.

sam     04/03/2001 2:03 am:

or even let them continue maintaining the site
for another 3 month.. and pay them 1123/month

sam     04/03/2001 2:13 am:

forget that.. i'd rather let him walk..

sam     04/03/2001 2:13 am:

what do u think

bryant     04/03/2001 2:13 am:

Hard to say. Decent site, but ugly changes to
the addendum.

bryant     04/03/2001 2:19 am:

I'll ID the issues for him and see what he'll
do. If he can't budge then we'll walk him I

So obviously theres;
3a - 'ownership of the website shall remain
with the developer'
3c - 'accrue interest at the rate of 12%'
and it needs a paragraph killing the outs he

bryant     04/03/2001 2:20 am:

Anything else?

sam     04/03/2001 2:21 am:

yeah add that paragraph killing his outs too.

sam     04/03/2001 2:22 am:

and make it state of california

sam     04/03/2001 2:22 am:

there's no way we're changing the jurisdiction
to washington

bryant     04/03/2001 2:23 am:

I'm tempted to further mark up the one you
sent me with the out killer and killing the
jurisdictional issue and send that as-is.
Present a problem?

sam     04/03/2001 2:23 am:

no not at all.. i just makred up what i saw
quickly.. keep marking it up.. and do what you
need to do

sam     04/03/2001 2:23 am:

but the out killer.. dont "highlight" that :)

bryant     04/03/2001 2:24 am:

Oh no, just going to quietly replace it with
the 2b he has.

bryant     04/03/2001 2:24 am:

Woops, forgot to redline...

bryant     04/03/2001 2:27 am:

Is it just the compounded monthly part you
want dead, or the whole interest issue?

sam     04/03/2001 2:28 am:

what do u think.. i was trying to do it so
tthere's a balance and we dont cross
everything out

bryant     04/03/2001 2:28 am:

Yeah, I agree.

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