I originally came across this beverage at Dave & Buster's during a summer of blissful unemployment between college and work. The "Electric Lemonade" is a very good way to get really FUBARed very quickly, and it tastes quite pleasant, or at the worst, innocuous. Don't be thrown by the "lemonade" part of this drink's name. While some people make it with lemonade, I prefer to just throw a half a lemon in the glass, or even just garnish with a lemon wedge. Enjoy!

1 part tequila
2 parts Light Rum
2 parts Vodka (substitute Absolut citron for a more lemonadey taste)
2 parts Gin (Bombay Sapphire, it's Blue!)
3 parts Blue Curacao
4 parts Sprite
Mix in a pint glass with Ice and garnish a piece of lemon and drink up!

note: You will come across countless variations of the electric lemonade, most only involve the sprite, Blue Curacao, and vodka or rum. Those don't pack the same "mad scientist" punch as the above recipe, but you are urged to experiment. Also, many places serve this drink frozen in the summer, which is also quite good.

*Note: the author does not condone excessive use of alcohol, and no longer partakes of it. Please Drink responsibly

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