Someone who gets off on using electricity for sexual purposes -- this can either by by using it for its work potential (vibrators, fucking machines), or by directly using it to stimulate the nervous system.

There are two main classes of sex toys that directly apply electricity. The first is akin to a TENS unit, which is a battery-operated device that is used in chiropractic science to prevent muscles from cramping up -- many of these devices are used in places other than where they're intended. The other class is a low-power Tesla coil, called a violet wand. This is a Tesla coil that is rigged (usually) to a glass bulb. (Kinda like a lightning ball, but at a higher power output.)

When playing with electricity in a sexual passtime, there are some important safety tips to be aware of -- otherwise, it may be necessary to call the paramedics. These are: 1) Don't use high amperage anywhere on the body, and 2) Don't put the path of the electricity directly across the brain or the heart. The first rule is because it creates a severe amount of stress on the system, and can burn out the nerves in that area. The second rule is because those two areas can cause more harm, more quickly, if they're shut down. (The heart operates on the body's own internal pacemaker, which will shut down when it's subjected to large voltages. The brain operates, essentially, on chemical electricity, and since it's the central repository for all nervous activity in the body, it's a very bad thing to overload.)

With violet wands, just be aware that the violet wavelength light that is produced also has ultraviolet components, and can thus cause sunburn. Again, you should not place it directly over the heart, but that's just because you have to be paranoid to stay alive.

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Best electrosexual beginner's tool: a simple 9V battery. Ever suck on batteries to check their charge? Well, a 9V is just between "tasting sour" and having a real bite. When applied to wet skin (on a nipple or penis) it stings, on mucus membranes (anywhere near the vulva), it's intense, but mild enough for most vanilla experimenters. Have fun, kids, and remember your Radio Shack card!

Further experimentation has yielded these results: inserted into the vagina, there is profuse (PROFUSE) discharge, and some uterine contractions, possibly through the action of the current on the muscles. (Should have some way to get it out, though, a friend of mine got battery acid burns this way.) Used on the clitoris, it can cause appreciable pain, but again, its duration and surrounds that determine the bearability. Applied in this way, I would recommend it over many of the other methods of pain-for-pleasure, as a private instrument of penance, or even an aversive for Crowleyan or Liddian Will Training: it can be carried on one's person with few questions if discovered, is MUCH more inexpensive, and is less likely to harm permanently than most alternatives.

"Hey, Tel, why are you coming out of the Ladies' Room with that funny grin on your face?"

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