Emotional telepath. Capable of receiving or transmitting emotions. Unlike telepaths, empaths deal with emotions, rather than ideas, words or knowledge. Empathy in general is very wide-spread. Ever been able to understand EXACTLY what a person close you is feeling, even when they cannot express it themselves?

Unfortunatly, many empaths feel overload. To compensate, they become anti-social and hide from others, or become extreme extroverts, trying to drown out everyone else with their own feelings. Very few are capable of managing their talent correctly. This leads quickly to feelings of isolation, believing that it's me against them.

And in our world, what do you expect? The pain-to-happiness ratio is very skewed. But if you feel the joy; the pure light coming from other around you? That's absolutly amazing.

So keep up hope, OK? Empathy is all about understanding without needing an explanation. (which would promote more peace, wouldn't it?)

I don't think I'm alone in this. I can't be alone in this. Are you telling me that you can't feel it? She trusted someone. That someone betrayed her. I know this, even though we've never met. She's just another girl on just another subway. Just another heartbreak I'm stuck with. I want to go up to her and just hold her; tell her that it's going to be okay, and that there will be other guys, but I know she wouldn't believe me. I want to tell her that I know exactly how she feels right now, because I feel it too. I know that emptiness all too well. Something was there inside her, and now it just...feels...gone.


I hate knowing strangers better than they know themselves. I hate feeling everything everyone around me feels. I hate being in crowded places, where I can feel my heart and my brain swirling with the multitude of hidden emotions. I hate going to parties and being drunk as soon as I walk in the door.

I wonder if anyone else feels my hate. I wonder if others are as disgusted as I am with all these transparent lies and half-hearted expressions.

I don't think I'm alone in this.

I can't be alone in this.

Listening to a Macintosh user say something offhand about his Internet connection, I know that I'll need to prepare for an unexpected opportunity, for my by-far-larger-than-me-competitor is going to go under soon.

Seeing just a closed door, I know my high school principal is having an affair and will be getting divorced and re-married by the time prom rolls around.

Knowing which personal quirks to play up for men and which quirks to play down for women and finding nothing remotely sexist about it...because they find nothing remotely sexist about it.

Watching the body language of someone I find attractive, I know just the right thing to say to get us to the point where I'll be able to put my tongue in just the right place so he'll give me a secret and special smile.

Feeling the pain of another, I am able to share it, for a burden shared is a burden lightened.

Reading about another noder's experiences, I am able to draw wisdom from them, almost as if I were right there beside them.

Imagine the possibility, then make it a reality.

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