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Somatotype coined by William H. Sheldon and characterized by a surfeit of body fat. This is the man or woman who just can't loose those pounds.

Endomorphs usually have a soft, round body and a slow metabolism. Loosing weight is usually very difficult and temporary. However, for most gaining muscle mass is relatively easy. Compare with Ectomorph and Mesomorph.

Endomorphs tend to be practical, easy going, and optimistic. Instead of brooding, they deal with a crisis by pouring out their problems to friends. They tend to use food for comfort (hence the round body) and will gain weight easily if they're not careful.

Endomorphs are extremely extrovered and gregarious. They love to throw parties, join clubs, and round up friends for a night out. They're constantly expressing themselves by touching, hugging, and kissing others. For them, the most important part of having sex is the physical closeness rather than the act itself.

They're often slow, but because they're steady and orderly, they frequently end up reaching their goal before those who start in high gear. Beware, though! These creatures are stubborn, and won't give up easily.

The world is a better place if there's an endomorph in your life. I mean, not that your life hasn't been enriched by my mere existence to begin with...tee hee

En"do*morph (?), n. [Endo- + Gr. form.] Min.

A crystal of one species inclosed within one of another, as one of rutile inclosed in quartz.


© Webster 1913.

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