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  • Expect to drop. If you are not dropping you are not pushing your limits and will not develop. Laugh about your mistakes and learn from them.
  • Have long-term goals. Have definite ambitions on the frontier of your ability.
  • yet..
  • Enjoy the practice. Don't be so focussed on your goals that you miss the all the minor glories along the way.
  • Be humble. Don't compare yourself against others. The only meaningful comparison is with yourself, yesterday, last week and last year.
  • Stick with it. Some days it'll come easy and some days nothing will work. Keep coming back and giving it your best shot.
  • Find your own killer trick/routine. Find the thing that you are good at and polish it up to bring out the natural shine.
  • Learn to pass. The possibilities and fun multiply with the number of people involved. Teach others.
  • Look after your props. Get the best you can afford and treat them with respect. When the time comes that you can find no more use for them, find someone who can and pass them on.
  • and, finally..

  • Don't take it all too seriously. It's only a bit of fun and not important in the grander scheme of things.

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