In Motorcycle terms a Fairing is a piece of bodywork fitted to the front of the bike to help protect the rider from windblast and inclement weather.

Usually made from a moulded plastic, and often Fibreglass or similar composites, many new bikes come with the already fitted, although many naked bikes can have them fitted afterwards.

May contain a windscreen, headlamp, mirrors and indicators, or any combination thereof.

Can be split into three identifiable styles,

headlamp/Bikini: Small, surrounding only headlamp, usually turns With the handlebars.

Half Fairing: Larger,offering more pretection. Usually attached to the frame, with the forks turning thru them.

Full Fairing: Faring offering most protection. Extends down below and behind the engine from a windscreen, provinding protection from the wind to the legs as well as the upper body.

Fair"ing, n.

A present; originally, one given or purchased at a fair.


Fairing box, a box receiving savings or small sums of money.

Hannah More.


© Webster 1913.

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