A person who used to specialize in fine arts/environmental activism/experimental music but gives it up for a computer-related profession because of a upwelling of barely-latent geekdom. He or she is usually cast out by aesthete peers and shunned at gallery openings, protests, and poorly attended chamber music recitals. Fallen angels are tormented by the slow fading of their artistic skills/social zeal even as they rejoice in the slow attainment of geek powers.

The X-files

Fallen Angel
Episode: 1X09
First aired: 11/19/93
Written by: Alex Gansa and Howard Gordon
Directed by: Larry Shaw

Mulder and Scully investigate a possible UFO crash site, which mulder believes the government is covering up.

A spaceship crashes in the woods but a military commander reports it as a meteor. We see soon after government workers in space suits evacuating the area saying there was a toxic chemical spill.

Deep Throat contacts Mulder and tells him that he has very little time to collect evidence of an alien UFO before all the evidence is erased.

Mulder is caught by the military while photographing the site. Held prisoner, he meets Max Fenig, a member of the National Investigative Committee of Aerial Phenomena (NICAP). Mulder finds that Fenig is familiar with his work and agrees with him about government coverups.

Scully gets Mulder out. The military locates the lost alien pilot but the men who encounter the being are burned horribly.
Mulder finds Fenig having a seizure and notices a strange mark behind his ear which Mulder has seen before on previous alien abductees.

Meanwhile the military is tracking a new craft that is hovering over a small town in eastern Wisconsin.
Mulder follows Fenig who leads him into a warehouse. Mulder is flung across the room by an alien presence. He looks up and sees Fenig suspended in the air right and then disappear, assumed to be abducted.

Important Quotes:
Deep Throat to Mulder -- "Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer."

Scully -- "My assignment is to bring you back, not to help you dig yourself in deeper."
Mulder -- " 'The Last Detail' starring Dana Scully"

Mulder -- "You can deny all the things I've seen. All the things I've discovered. But not for much longer. Because too many others know what's happening out there. And no one. No government agency has jurisdiction over the truth."

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Fallen Angel

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