This is an advanced skateboarding grind alot like the smith, though it is considerably harder. Learn all other grinds (click here for a list) before attempting this trick. Especcially learn the smith.

Approach your grind object at a high speed. Ollie and put your weight on your tail while swiveling to make sure only the front trucks start grinding and the tail is below the edge/pole you're grinding. When first learning this trick make sure what you are grinding has an end for it is very hard to ollie in a feeble.

A bmx grind/stall that is normally learned pretty early on. Involves placing one wheel and a peg on a surface and doing a grind or stall. A little easier than some other grinds because you only have a wheel on the bench so there's less friction.

Fee"ble (?), a. [Compar. Feebler (?); superl. Feeblest (?).] [OE. feble, OF. feble, flebe, floibe, floible, foible, F. faible, L. flebilis to be wept over, lamentable, wretched, fr. flere to weep. Cf. Foible.]


Deficient in physical strenght; weak; infirm; debilitated.

Carried all the feeble of them upon asses. 2 Chron. xxviii. 15.


Wanting force, vigor, or efficiency in action or expression; not full, loud, bright, strong, rapid, etc.; faint; as, a feeble color; feeble motion.

"A lady's feeble voice."



© Webster 1913.

Fee"ble, v. t.

To make feeble; to enfeeble.


Shall that victorious hand be feebled here? Shak.


© Webster 1913.

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