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Another children's program from Nickelodeon, "Figure It Out" was in production from 1997 to 2000. Hosted by Olympic champion swimmer Summer Sanders, four "celebrity" panelists (usually imported from other Nickelodeon shows) tried to guess the dubious talents of contestants (who occasionally had genuine talents (like "International Ventriloquist Champion", but more often cheap gimmicks like "Dog Drinks Milk From Her Mouth").

Billy The Answer Head (a giant head, natch) presents the panelists with several blanks, and the panelists try to guess the words that fill in those blanks, asking only yes-or-no questions. They have three one-minute rounds in which to ask; clues are provided near the end of each round by either the Clue Express (a model train) or the Charade Brigade (guess).

And, of course, it's just not a Nickelodeon show without slime.

During the second round, a "secret slime action" is announced to the audience. Should any of the four panelists perform that action, they get gallons o' green stuff dumped on their heads (and an audience member wins a cheap prize, like a show-branded sweatshirt). The "secret slime action" is generally so vague as to practically guarantee that someone gets hit. (When professional wrestler Big Show was on the show, back in his days as WCW's Giant, the trigger was "Being very tall.")

Like most Nick shows, the prizes were standard kid-friendly fare: bikes, props from other Nick show sets, the occasional camera, trips to not-very-interesting places like Pennsylvania.

It's funny and kitschy in ways I can't quite describe. Though not in production now, it still airs about eight times a day on the Nick GAS cable network. It came in several flavours: the original, Family Style (the contestants are families), and Wild Style (all the gimmicks involve wild animals of some sort).

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