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When cuddling a kitty, and petting and scritching him lots, you will undoubtedly end up with fluffballs, which are, basically, balls of fluffy fur held together by an unknown force. Longhair cats generate the biggest, fuzziest fluffballs, which can end up in bizarre locations. This is one of the many reasons you should not allow your kitties into the computer room, if you value your equipment.

It is also impolite to cuddle your friends' kitties and leave fluffballs all over their bed. Doing this will probably result in your friend laying the smack down upon you. Do not try to pick up a fluffball, or it will disintegrate in your hand and the problem will get worse. Instead, gently blow it into a strategically placed trash can.

Yes, fluffballs are combustible and will burn very rapidly, leaving behind a charred bit of soot and a smell so nasty you won't be able to enter the room for a while. Burning your friends' cats' fluffballs will undoubtedly result in them laying the smack down upon you even harder than leaving them on the bed.

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