A type of utensil used for picking up bread and dipping it into fondue. It consists of a long, thin handle and two tines on the end. On some of the upper-end fondue forks, one tine will be shorter and will have a rounded "barb" on the end. This is to prevent the bread from falling off. Fondue forks usually come in sets, and each will usually have a different colored marking on the bottom of the handle. The purpose of this is to allow large groups of people to place their forks down on the bread platter, and quickly be able to identify which fondue fork belongs to which person.

It has come to my attention that there are other items commonly dipped in fondue. I have only seen bread before, so I assumed bread was the only thing fondue forks were used to pick up. That is not true. Other possiblities include bits of cake, meat, or vegetables. Props to CzarKhan for pointing this out.

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