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Basically, to smell foul. Not just as simple as having an unpleasant odour, but a nostril-eating, brain-rotting, vomit-inducing stench of mythological proportions.

Foul-smelling things have been known to include:

  • certain 'advanced' flavours of cheese (see Limburger).
  • socks left for weeks and weeks in the gym bag before you finally remember to unpack and was them. Sometimes it's easier just to throw away the bag and its pungent contents.
  • the guy next to you in the crammed subway car.
  • a peculiar swedish delicatesse called 'surstr√∂mming', which is basically fermented fish. I am told that the norwegians and eskimos have something similar.
  • the fruits of the first morning crap you take during a really bad hangover.
As we can see, this phenomenom is often tightly coupled with bodily excretions or the process of fermentation, or (for best results) a combination of the two.

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