this game is so fun. all you need to do is use only word with four mark or less. it is very easy! word more long than four mark are shit, you know. you can talk so fine with just a few mark. the mind must move in neat way to get good row of word. this is like toki pona but you need not get all new word in your head.

you may have idea that this rule is shit. well let me tell you some idea on that. the rule is shit that i want shit rule. shit rule is good, you see. it make you have to use mind in new way, talk in new way. mind get more good from this. try and see for your own self.

you will see that word that mean 'more than one of' kind of go away. you do not need this kind of word. also the 's' that mean an item is for some guy, or that it is a part of the guy. it is ugly to use the tick mark. say like 'hand of guy' or 'guy hand' if it is easy to see what it mean. also when you have word 'do not' or 'can not' and mix them, this is not so good. but it is okay if you must use them like i did. do not fear. big rule is to use word to get idea from your head to some head that is not your. make word as good as you can with rule in your way. do not try to hack the rule. flow like the sea in a jar!

also i will say that dash are okay. you can say word like 'mind-work' to mean the way that your mind does work. you see, a long row of word is like many dash. word next to each word make big idea, and end with tiny mark. when you use dash to make two word into one idea, it is the same idea but size is less. so long row of word is more bad than dash, yet we do this and not have idea that it is bad. dash is okay. but try not to use this in very bad way. guy who read your word will have no idea what you mean if you say 'big-wet-rock-ball' with no clue near it. that is, do not make set-word that only mean one word from the way of talk that use word with many mark. this is no fun. do not mind the way of talk that use word with many mark. shit way. also you may want to just use one dash, and not many dash. many dash can be more bad, so do not do it.

here is a good test. i will try to do bill the bard, poem on hot guy.

poem 18: hot guy
by bill the bard

may i like thee to a hot-time day?
thou art more cute and more even:
loud wind do hit the tiny bud of May,
and hot-time span hath all too slim a when;
some time too hot the eye of sky does beam,
and many time his gold face is dim;
and all fair from fair some time lean,
by dice or the wild path of the land not trim;
but thy ever hot-time will not sink,
nor lose grip of that fair thou owe;
nor will the dead brag thou go in the cool dark,
when in ever line to time thou grow:
    so long as man can get air or eye can see,
    so long live this, and this give life to thee.

well that was fun! i try to save the way the ear like the word at the end of each line. and also save the way he put the word, and also what they mean. this is hard to do. i feel like i try to make this poem from one way of word into a way of word that is not mine. very fun for the mind. you will have to try it. not a very good test for use this game to talk in easy way. but this is poem, not easy talk. many rule, old word, and odd way of put word to meet rule. neat.

so here we are with this big wet rock ball that we are on top of. it was a nice day. the dark is out, and the bug are sing. the name "hot guy" made me fall over with how good it was. not much else to say. i must talk like this all the time now. my mind is now in tiny box of four. all is four or less.

note: big plus for the tick tock man who play this game with me when i had the idea!

note 2: andy send me a link to a page of word from 2002 on very good idea had by big head al. it use four mark word game. if you know or find page of word that is more old, tell me! i did not know that any guy had use this in old time, but i had idea that it must be true! neat.

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