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In terms of snowboarding, the frontflip involves letting go of fear in order to radically maneuver the physical person. In order to complete the rotation, the head swivels towards the ground, something generally to be prevented, rather than embraced.

Just before the critical ducking of the head that will allow completion of the trick, a novice huckster often sketches out and lands upon the upper back. When attempted on entrance to a pool of water, the result is at worse a red mark. When attempted with the wrong mindset and on hard east-coast (USA) snow, the result can be a bloodied nose, ripped tendons or crumpled headgear.

It is often held that frontflips are less easily completed than back. This is because it is not possible to spot the landing until one is quite close impact. Since the visual senses are limited, it is often necessary near the end of the move to straighten the body to slow rotation and avoid the same sentence the novice encountered when he or she sketched out.

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