Fugly is a portmanteau of the words Fucking and Ugly. It is derived from a common Adjective clause, "fucking ugly", used to describe someone or something that is significantly unattractive. Fucking is meant to be an adverb in this construction; it intensifies Ugly. Much of its intensity is derived from the fact that the word Fuck is a swear word.

The interesting thing is that fugly itself, once so modified, is greatly softened by the fusion. It transforms into a mild swear word: yes it is impolite to say, but you won't be fined by the FCC or arrested for shouting it.


"Tricia like to scared me to death when she showed me her baby's picture. Girl, that baby is fugly!"

"I spent all night cleaning up the last guy's code. It was hella fugly."

"What do you think of this dress?"
"It is fugly."

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