The first completely multi-platform, multi-OS virus, the gallego virus manifests itself as an infective JPEG attachment.
The attachment, when opened by the unwary, reveals itself to be a picture of a bug-eyed man in gallego dress (the gallegos are the inhabitants of Galicia, a region in Spain). The man has a text on his right, saying

Soy el primer virus gallego.
Como los gallegos no tenemos experiencia de programación, este virus trabaja basado en un sistema de HONOR.
Por favor: borre todos los archivos de su disco duro manualmente, y envie este mensaje a todos los miembros de su lista de correo.
Gracias por su colaboración, Manolo.

Which maps to: I am the first gallego virus. Since we, the gallegos, do not have much programming experience, this virus works thanks to a HONOR system
Please: manually wipe all the files from your hard disk, and forward this message to everybody in your mailing list.
Thak you for your collaboration, Manolo.

It is clear that, thanks to its hook in a fanatical honor system (common to all Mediterraneans), this virus will wreak destruction in direct proportion to the prevalence of honorable feelings in a given country.
The only way of stopping this virus is through the, rather violent, vendetta/faida method.

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