A garbage collector is a person who picks up your garbage from out side your door, usually a person employed by the city to do so. In less savory neighborhoods, this may be the person next door.


In computer science, a process, or a thread, or even an OS feature that cleans up memory usuage after a process finishes running. This makes sure that if a process explodes, and runs rampant on your machine, malloc() -ing memory, and never free()-ing it, that your machine will still have resources left over.

Java has automatic garbage collection, as well as Microsoft .NET upcoming platform. It is a huge advantage to not have to worry about your programming, although i think it will usher in an era of sloppier code (quite the opposite of what java is intending to do). Abstraction can be bad in a high amount, IMO.

(a rescued nodeshell!)

Generally a pretty shitty job IMHO, and most UK county councils have tried to make it sound more attractive than the original name of 'bin man' by giving it fancier job titles,such as :-

refuse collector
recycling agent
sanitary technician

No matter what monicker it goes by they're still the blokes who deal with other peoples rotting rubbish on a daily basis

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