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A gas jet is simply a device designed to emit a stream of gas with a particular set of intended properties. Uses range from stoves (where gas jets are intended to mix natural gas with atmospheric oxygen for even burning and heat generation) to spacecraft and to recoilless guns. In spacecraft, or on aircraft or missiles, such jets are intended to produce thrust, and are either cold gas jets (emitting gas from a pressurized source) or hot gas jets, with gases resulting from combustion of propellantand oxidizer.

In recoilless guns, the gas jets are specially designed ducts and vents which allow the hot gases from the combustion of the shell's propellant (or rocket exhaust) to escape the weapon in such a way that the impulse produced by the gas jet mitigates the recoil experienced by the weapon and shooter.

One problem with the use of gas jets on recoil neutralization systems (and muzzle brakes) is that on larger weapons the gas can itself be a hazard to the shooter, causing burns through heat and chemical action.

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