A little photoshop plug-in I recently became privy to and I now worship. It actually allows you to increase the file size and/or resolution of an image without the pixely interpolation we all dread - an idea that could only be scoffed at before now! It somehow uses the mathematics and amazingness of fractal science to alter the physical pixel size of the image without having to guess what goes in between the existing dots - I admit I have no idea how this can be possible as much as I have read about fractals and thought I had an understanding of them in nature. In any event, I have accepted that it works wonders because I have now seen it in action.

This means so much more than simply not having to plan ahead as much when creating images and allowing yourself more carelessness in altering them. It makes possible such phenomena as working on an intricate multi-layered canvas with the quickness and ease of a 72 dpi, 4 inch long file and then, at the last minute, bringing the image up to the desired 720 dpi, 30 inch panorama and printing it out beautifully with no visible flaws whatsoever!!! Do you have any idea how amazing this is??

I apologize for the run-on sentence but I get a little ahead of myself when I am this enthusiastic about something. Laugh at my dorkiness (I love that word) on this topic all you want, It matters not to me! With this file saving ability intact I have increased my hard drive and disk capacities unlimittedly, in theory. Because now things that would have required their own 250 zip before can now be saved as dinky little 30K thingies and be brought up to speed whenever needed simply with the click of the mouse!! Scratch disk problems? A thing of the past! Waiting whole minutes for remedial commands to take effect on huge files? Not anymore!

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