get high get angry get lost
be sad be horny overthink
do you know what time it is?
is the path of an electron as real to you
as the fear of an oncoming truck?
they say god is dead but the way i see it
life is the process of the universe understanding itself---
capturing truths which are to be found
in the water, deep down where the earth is still warm
on the rocks where the algae is sunning itself
on the wing, when songs punctuate the morning
and the evening and the morning and the
sun, burning away out there
for us

can you hear the sound of everything happening
everywhere? there is this wall of sound---
the face of god, falling on our minds every day
we stare into it and think
i am looking out at the great wide world
from this my home, do you feel
that you are made of atoms?
is there a separation, for you,
in the fabric weaving your hand and the air together---
an untraversable gap in the shape of a question
that you cannot bring yourself to ask
because you don't know how
to breathe

all i can do is my best
do you see, that this is the work of god?
god means reality.
stop circling within your own mind
and listen to what is really around you---
reality is at hand;
you can reach out
and touch it

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