There are a lot of depressing things in the world, and when I say a lot, I mean.. well, just a lot. When someone is depressed, they generally forget the reasons they have to be completely content! So, here are some, to try and help cheer some of you not-so-happy noderz up:

- e2.. ahh, e2, my saviour.. just think, places like this are allowed to exist, this is something to be very happy about

- the sun wasn't dripping with blood as it rose to its place in the sky, intriguing, hm? think of how messy that might have been..

- gourmet jelly beans exist, mm. go to and request yourself a free sample!

- no matter how alone you think you are, there is always someone, somewhere, who cares about you, even if they don't know your name

There are a lot of other reasons, really, and I'm quite sure there is no need to point them all out, just open your eyes, and you'll find yours. There is something in the wind today that isn't very nice, but maybe there is something else there too, that you've simply missed, passed over.. something good, beautiful, a content feeling. Clear your mind, you'll want to make room for it.. :)

Yes, mind-bogglingly happy would be nice, but yeesh, can't we just work up slowly from depressed? ;)

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