Apple, Bittersweet, Cyclamen, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Lemon, Magnolia, Peach, Strawberry, and Yarrow.

Magickal suggestions for mending a broken heart:

Get some dried apple slices and one new, sweet red apple. Thread the dried, soft apple slices onto a red thread, slowly meditating on your sadness. Place the red apple in a cauldron or big bowl of water and cover over with water. Now slowly lower the threaded dried apples into the water, and every time one slice enters the water, try to think of something good about your relationship ending, or something comforting about the situation, or new possibilities for yourself. When all the apple slices are submerged, close your eyes and meditate, chanting aloud or in your head "pain is in my past, but I am whole at last." When you feel comforted or feel a sign, open your eyes and withdraw the whole apple from the water. Cut it in half so that the top and bottom are separated (like the equator if the stem is the north pole), and separate the two halves. Inside you should see a star made of seeds. Remind yourself that though you have been broken, you still have within you a star, a glimmering of hope, a sign of peace. Take a bite from each side of the apple and place it back in the water, and later bury it outside in the healing earth.


Get some of the yarrow herb that is together like little trees. Plant them in soil or craft supplies meant for that purpose so that they stand up like a tree. While you plant, recall the circumstances of your broken heart. Every day, take a piece of paper and write down something about the circumstances that you miss but can live without, and any other feelings you have. This will help you acknowledge what broke your heart and set on the mending path. Hang each piece of paper, crumpled in a ball, on the yarrow "tree." When the time comes that you cannot think of any more, burn a strawberry or peach incense next to the tree or at its base and take each paper off the tree, reading it and seeing if it still hurts. If you feel that the pain has gone down since you put it on there, you're making progress. Pain of a broken heart might not ever go away completely, so be prepared for this, but at least it might heal with a scar. When the tree's purpose is served, you may burn or save in a safe place all the slips of paper and keep as a charm or bury the yarrow.


Take a bath in a lemon oil or lemon-scented solution and soak until your heart stops hurting. Don't expect this to work overnight.

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