There seemed to be many indexes of herbs and their properties, but none organized by the magickal usage. Here you can choose what you need and find an herb that will suit your need.

Each one of these contains at least two, usually three, sometimes four actual spells, rituals, and charms using the suggested herbs in ways that should be effective in your magick. Feel free to use the information here any way you see fit, however; don't be restricted to my suggestions! Press herbs into candles, use them in teas where appropriate, hang them in bunches for your own purposes or give them as gifts . . . it's all up to you!

Choose a need to see related herbs and suggestions.

All information was collected from a hundred various sources over my years of study. The herbs' uses were copied from my book of shadows, and all the spells, rituals, and charms are entirely written by me, sometimes with hints and inspiration from the various books I've read and people I've met. Nothing here was copied from anywhere outright except for public domain material.

Check out magickal tools and color symbolism for candles for more information.

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