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Bergamot, Camphor, Saltpeter, Vervain, and Witch hazel.

Magickal suggestions to stop unwanted advances:

If a certain person has been consistently stalking you or asking you for dates or information, find something that they touch regularly, like a phone or their work computer or a lock on their locker, and smear it with bergamot oil when they are not around. Blow on it three times and shut your eyes, feeling their interest toward you blowing away as soon as they touch the oil.


Wear a tiny glass bottle, sachet, or locket with a bit of witch hazel in it. Empower it with a repel charm sharply in your mind, envisioning the person's face. When they come into your sight in real life, envision the Witch hazel's container around your neck glowing, giving off something that's repulsive only to that person. They should leave you alone with that and the cold shoulder.

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