Bergamot, Bayberry, Bay, Devil's Shoestring, Lucky Hand, Pecan, and Pine.

Magickal suggestions to help you get a job:

After any interview (or even turning in applications), bake or eat a pecan pie as if you are already celebrating. Pretend you are going to the job and meeting your new employer or co-workers, or doing your new job already, and get yourself in high spirits. Magick is most effective when you believe your result has already come about; that you have been chosen for your position and the universe just has yet to inform you of it. If you don't like pecan pie or pecans, try doing the same positive visualization sitting under a pine tree.


Carry a pouch of bay leaves tied with a green ribbon (for luck) to any interviews or job-getting attempts.


Take some bayberry or bergamot oil and a sample résumé. Anoint a green candle with the oil and carve into it with a quartz crystal any good luck or employment-related symbols or runes. Light the candle, meditate for a moment on your ideal job, and then begin to read the résumé to yourself while alone. Imagine prospective employers reading each line and being impressed; any lines that stand out to you as not being very impressive, mark for revision. Try saying them several times and asking yourself if the employer will care or if this will help. Focus again on your intended job, and use a catalystic herb (such as dragon's blood oil) to put everything into motion.

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