When interviewing for a job, it is not uncommon to be asked what you consider to be your main weakness professionally. This is a very good question. Certainly your prospective employer would like to know in what areas you feel you need improvement. However, in a recent interview for a position posted internally at my company, I was compelled to provide my interviewer with:
  • Not one, but THREE of my weaknesses.
  • The time during the past year when I have been the most upset with myself.

Now again, ONE weakness is fair, but making your candidate tell you four bad things about themselves seems like dirty pool to me.

I mean, what a way to make someone crawl, right?

"Well, I guess I was most upset with myself this past year when I accidentally knocked my oldest boy off the roof while we were repairing the shingles and he went to the hospital in a coma. As I watched them load him into the ambulance, not knowing if he were alive or dead, I was overcome with feelings of shame and self-hatred that linger even today. I prayed to God to kill me where I stood."

"All righty! Now, how would you rate your customer service skills, on a scale of one to ten?"

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