A five-star restaurant at Perimeter in Atlanta that boasts a wide selection of fantastic dishes including seafood, chicken, beef and ethnic cuisine. Their menu is thirty-five pages long and includes in the dessert section some fifty or so types of cheesecake.

Their specialty drink selection is the best I've ever seen with a dozen or so varieties of martini. One of note is the Espresso Bean Martini, which is made up of Stoleys shaken with espresso beans and served with flakes of edible coffee beans and a layer of Kalhua. Absolutely amazing. Amoung the appetizers is steamed artichoke topped with vinaigrette dressing and a side of garlic seasoning.

The atmosphere is toned down and semi-formal. Expect to spend fifty to seventy-five dollars for a couple.

This is a relatively good (but relatively expensive) chain of restaurants with several locations in Southern California and, I suspect, elsewhere. Their menu is incredibly large, as are the portions. Tends to be a good destination for business lunches, especially with out of town folks - the large menu virtually ensures that there will be something for everyone.

Most of the dishes are very good (much better than the typical chain) but wouldn't measure up to most upscale, independent restaurants. Items include pizzas, pastas, salads, meat and chicken, and, of course, cheesecake. They have an incredibly large variety of cheesecakes - Heath Bar crunch, key lime, strawberry, white chocolate raspberry truffle, and many more. All of them are very rich, very fattening and very good (they better be for the $5+ a slice).

Unfortunately, the Cheesecake Factory is not a well kept secret. Its almost always crowded, and at peak times waits can easily exceed 45 minutes or more. Reservations are not taken.

Their menu is adorned with occasionally rotating advertisements for national and local businesses. Most of the local business ads seem to be for local beauty, swimsuit or lingerie shops and thus contain photos of scantily clad, attractive women. This brings me to another point - there seems to be claim, put forth by both Cheesecake Factory and the Coca Cola Company, that the jumbalaya here is extremely spicy - see, one of the adds permanently featured in their menu shows a red fire extinguisher with the Coca Cola logo painted on it, next to a plate of jumbalaya.

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