A SoCal surfing apparel company in Manhattan Beach whose line of wetsuits aims to do pretty much what the name says, glove the body. As a young man back in junior high, just entering puberty and full of hormones, anything that would glove the female form seemed just dandy to me, especially if it was hot pink or yellow neoprene with black trim.

Looking back, being naive at the time about the existence of the Frederick's of Hollywoods and Victoria's Secrets of the world, I suppose there were plenty of better things to do than daydream about girls wearing Body Gloves.

I think that the Body Glove company pretty much had its hey day back around that time (the late 80s), but they are still around selling their neoprene wetsuits, cell phone cases, shoes, wallets etc.

Memorable for their name (which manages to describe their primary product perfectly while at the same time is timelessly hip) and their awesome logo, which looks more or less like the bones of the human hand.

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