Skullcap, Valerian and Vanilla.

Magickal suggestions for anxiety management:

Valerian is likely to be easier to find than skullcap, and it is also good for a slightly bitter tea. (Add honey or sugar to sweeten.) Use valerian root to brew a tea as strong as you like, or just add some to water without intent to drink . . . and meditate on the sources of your worries while staring into the tea or water. Make a list of things that cause you to feel anxious, and then think about each item in turn until you can think about it without your heart rate increasing. Then you can burn the paper if you like, or if you are not drinking your concoction, dissolve the paper in it and bury the contents outside in the healing earth.


Buy a vanilla candle or use a vanilla extract or oil to coat a candle. Light it and breathe until you can think about your problems without having an anxiety attack. Let the candle burn until it works.

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