Herbs for anger management:

Almond, Catnip, Chamomile, Elecampane, Lavender, Lemon, Mint, Passion flower, Rose, and Vervain

Magickal suggestions for managing anger:

Get some gauze cloth and wrap up some lavender or catnip inside, with an almond in the center. Get a light blue ribbon or string and tie red pieces of ribbon or string to its ends. As you tie the red pieces on, envision what makes you angry and call it into the red pieces as you work. See the fire on the red pieces trying to invade the blue, but make sure it is unable to pass the knots. Tie the dual-colored string around your gauze cloth and make a double knot, and hold the sachet over a cauldron, cup, or bowl full of water. Now get a pair of scissors and clip off the red pieces, letting them fall into the water, and as they hit the water visualize your anger turning into steam and melting away. Carry the charm with you in your bag or pocket and squeeze it when anger threatens to overcome you.


Plant Passion flowers and water/tend them whenever you feel angry, talking to the plants to help soothe you.


anoint your feet with a lemon-scented perfume, oil, or soap, breathe in the scent and let it cleanse you, and then walk in a circle slowly until your anger dissipates.


Simply drink a chamomile tea and meditate on calmness.

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