In reading websters, it seems that 'hairstylist' is rather limiting. For styling the hair is simply that, either by blow-drying, roller-setting, curling iron, or plain old finger-styling.
There is, in fact, more design than styling, especially when dealing with color or dimensional work. There are a number of factors that should be included into the equation of hair design.

For example

It is a hairdesigner's professionalism that you are paying. Granted, they do perform a service. However, if you feel that you are not receive quality work, then you should seek out someone who believes that education is continuing.
Hairstylists come in two varieties: technicians and artists.

A technician can perform the basic functions, give you a haircut, perm, maybe some color, style your do for you and make you look nice that day.

The other flavor of hairstylists, the artist, can transform not only the way your hair looks that day, but how it grows, its health, and how it affects the rest of you. A superb haircut, color change, etc. can do a lot to, not necessarily stroke your ego but, remind you to take care of yourself. Part of that is managing the way you look.

Needless to say, the artist version of hairstylist must be a professional, one who is constantly learning. There is much science in altering hair color, and you must possess a certain degree of intelligence and critical thinking skills to assimilate and apply that science.
There is much art in creating a good cut with a person's head of hair so that it grows with the cut, not out of it.

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