light                                crafted                   
     soft   halo                           tune   soul
   mist       over                       each       from
 grey           plum                   sung           roof
dawn             tree                 note             line
                  webs               pure               tree
                   bead             time                 line
                     like         this                     joins    
                       lace     take                          with   hope
                          magpies                                early
                       damp     dogs
                     from         rush
                   life            paws
                  stir              sink
ibis             wait                bark             wafts
 step           beak                  loll           aura
  thru         feet                    grin         rank
    softly   clay                        pant     roll
       bearded                              pungent  
       startle                             backlight                 
    slow     cold                        hold     beam
  wake         hand                    arms         cuts
 skin           grin                 thin            gold
warm             twin               tall              leaf
                  teas             bush                edge
                   find           rose                  fire
                    shoe         dark                     kiss    
                      step     soon                         burns   
                         outside                              shadows
                          silky                                   white
                       life  trap                                 
                     with      fresh
                   glue           made
                  spun             dance                   us
fine             fill                high              with
 spun          winds                  step           rest
  floss       soft                     light       safe
     maps  sails                         sweet   fall
       webbed                               icarus

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