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A device for driving nails. It is steel and tubular. There is an opening on one end where the worker inserts a nail, point out. On the other end is a slot for a gunpowder charge. Yes, gunpowder. There are small charges that are specially made for the smallest hiltis, but I have seen some that range into higher calibers and user standard firearm-sized brass, where more power is required. Once all of the pieces are in place, the worker positions the hilti over the target and (with the smaller hiltis) hits the gunpowder end with a hammer or, (larger) pulls the trigger, firing the tool and sending the nail home to mama. A hilti is used where mere muscle or pneumatic pressure are not enough, i.e. driving a nail into a concrete foundation. Hiltis are also very loud, cover your ears.

The term hilti is a brand name, a bit like xerox. There are several companies besides Hilti, that manufacture these nail guns, but everybody calls them hiltis.

Some municipalities require that hilti users have hilti certification.

Respect your nail gun!

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