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A hose clamp is a device typically used to secure different types of flexible tubing to fittings or connections. The clamp is comprised of a metal band, typically between 1/3 and 1/2 inch wide, and of various length depending on the application. The inside of the band is slotted at regular intervals. A one of the ends of the band a housing containing a worm gear is attached. The worm gear will mate with the slots in the band. The other end of the band is started into the housing (forming a ring) and the worm gear turned. The free end of the band will pass out of the other side, reducing the effective diameter of the ring.

To install a hose clamp get the free end started in the gear, and pass the clamp over the free end of your tubing. Connect the tubing to your fitting, and slip the clamp over the end of the hose. Tighten liberally, but not so much that you rupture the hose or break the clamp. You're done!

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