Hosers were defined and brought to a popular plateau in the cult movie, Strange Brew featuring Bob and Doug Mackenzie.

They can be identified by their plush appearance due to wearing many layers of quilted down jackets and mittens etc. and by their toques which often feature embroidered beer or sports logos on them.

Hosers may be wielding beer bottles, but they are not meant for violence. A hoser would never fight you with a full beer bottle, and an empty beer bottle in hand is out of the question. Beer is an integral part of a hoser's existence and are often seen purchasing Two Fours from The Beer Store.

They also survive on a steady diet of back bacon and cigarettes and their satisfaction with life increases as the hockey season climaxes into the playoffs. (Note: If a Canadian team is in the playoffs, multiply happiness tenfold.)

Hosers can be heard from far away by their theme song "The Cry of the Loon" better known as Coo-Roo-Coo-Coo-Coo-Coo cooo coooo, and should be approached using the phrase "Good day, eh".

Hoser (n) Canadian Slang, meaning someone who siphons gas out of cars. The slightly more derogatory is of course Hose Head someone who siphons gas for fun. This is from the day of leaded gas.

hoser, n.

Someone that "hoses" a shared resource for him/herself. For example, on a multiuser computer system with limited disk space, but without strict disk space quotas, someone who uses a hugely disproportionate amount of space. Or say at a talk with free food, someone who takes a lot of food and leaves some people without food.

Hosers exist everywhere and are the reason that strict, official limits must be imposed on everyone.

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