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Hy`dro*lyt"ic (?), a. [Hydro-, 1 + Gr. to loose.] Chem.

Tending to remove or separate water; eliminating water.

Hydrolytic agents, such as sulphuric acid or caustic alkali. Encyc. Brit.

Hydrolitic ferment Physiol. Chem., a ferment, enzyme, or chemical ferment, which acts only in the presence of water, and which causes the substance acted upon to take up a molecule of water. Thus, diastase of malt, ptyalin of saliva, and boiling dilute sulphuric acid all convert starch by hydration into dextrin and sugar. Nearly all of the digestive ferments are hydrolytic in their action.<-- = hydrolase (after 1910) -->


© Webster 1913.

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