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ika is a free, generic game development engine geared (only slightly) towards the creation of console style RPGs, utilizing the Python programming language for scripting. The graphical rendering system supports 32-bit color (that's 16.7 million colors and 256 shades of translucency per pixel) and hardware acceleration.

ika can use the WAV, MOD, IT, S3M, XM, OGG, MP3, and FLAC audio formats; graphically, BMP, PCX, GIF, JPG, PNG, and TGA are supported.

For more information:
http://www.ikagames.com or

Ika (ee-kah) is also the Japanese word for "squid." There are two ways to write it in kanji: 烏賊 "crow robber," or 墨魚 "ink fish." Oddly enough, the first way is much more common, at least according to Google.

Some other ika-related terms:

yakiika: A festival food consisting of a big chunk of grilled squid with sauce, served on a skewer for portable goodness.
ikayaki: In some parts of Japan, ikayaki is a grilled squid steak: in other parts, it's a squid-based version of okonomiyaki.
ika maki: A simple type of sushi consisting of a morsel of squid rolled up in rice and nori. In nabe cooking, an ika maki is a piece of squid wrapped in fish.
hotaruika: A "firefly squid."

Before someone inevitably asks: No, I don't know what "giant squid" would be. Probably ô-ika.

With different characters, ika can also mean "medicine" (as in the science, not what you drink/swallow/inject) or "clothes rack." As a suffix, it means "less than."

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