fr. L inchoare (a verb in itself), to begin. Just begun, undeveloped, incomplete. Pronounce in-KOH-ait. Can be used in terms of hostile takeovers, nervous breakdowns, grudges, torture, that maudlin Barbra Streisand/Robert Redford movie, drug habits, etc.

In"cho*ate (?), a. [L. inchoatus, better incohatus, p. p. of incohare to begin.]

Recently, or just, begun; beginning; partially but not fully in existence or operation; existing in its elements; incomplete.

-- In"cho*ate*ly, adv.

Neither a substance perfect, nor a substance inchoate. Raleigh.


© Webster 1913.

In"cho*ate (?), v. t.

To begin.


Dr. H. More.


© Webster 1913.

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