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A game of tag played between two teams. One team lines up along the middle of the length of a rectangle, alternately facing one of the two long sides of the rectangle, and the other team lines up along the side of the rectangle form one of the corners. The game begins by the person furthest in the rectangle from the corner with the other team chasing the person closest to this corner, attempting to tag him/her. The person escaping being tagged can run anywhere in the rectangle, but the tagger cannot run through the line formed by his/her team. The tagger instead must tap the back of one of his/her team members facing the other side of the rectangle, making that person the tagger, and then take that persons place in the line. Once the person being chased is tagged, the next person on his/her team comes on to be chased, and so on until everyone is tagged. The teams then swap sides and play again.

The winning team is the team that gets the other team all out in the fastest time. The key to being successful at this game is teamwork. During my intermediate school years this was a popular game to play for the inter-class challenge shield.

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